A Sensual Journey

Becoming a sensual educator has been an incredible journey!

I was directly plugged into the free-flowing energy that lives in everything (the light vibration) when I was eleven.  And at thirteen I made a very conscious and clear decision to walk the path of sexual initiation, going against the wishes of my family, my peers, and my role models at the time.  

For years, people would look at me with this look…the look of pity.  They would look at me and see someone that needed to be saved or “put on the right path.”  Little did these people know that I was trying to break a structure.  The fact that they saw me this way only confirmed to me that I was headed in the right direction.  But in all honesty, it didn’t make it any easier to deal with.  

It would take every ounce of courage that I had to keep breaking the fortress of a belief system open…little by little and stay my ground.

After a while of rebelling, I recognized that it would take more than just breaking something, or else I might break myself in the process.  And for a time, that was exactly where I was heading. But sure enough, my internal guidance system reminded me that if I wanted to learn the high-art of sensual wisdom, I needed to merge that discovery with some kind of process of refinement.  

I prayed and meditated to understand what would be necessary to get the education I wanted and help keep my body and mind safe in the process.  There’s a reason there are so many warnings in ancient texts about the path of sexual initiation being too dangerous to walk.

The answer that I received:  I needed a kind of grace that I was lacking.  At that time in my life, and because of how I was raised, I was really focused on struggle and survival.  And that’s not the right energy to bring to this kind of self-discovery. So I decided to replace the struggle with grace.

People often ask me if I had a teacher.  I didn’t. I was always open to a teacher, but even if one never showed up I was determined to create my own school of learning for myself, no matter what.

My first BIG lesson was the one that we all get to face, at one point or another:  sexual shame. I had to massage and loosen the bonds of sexual shame that had such a tight grip on me.  As you might have also experienced, sexual shame is a multifaceted and complex belief system. And it took me a while to learn to meet sexual shame with love, instead of negligence (btw:  LOVE is the secret to shame’s destruction).

After learning about how to handle sexual shame, my next step would be to learn the value and benefits that sexual energy offered to everyday life.  I knew that sexual energy was not just for sex, but for inspiration, creativity, and healing too.  This was so important to me.

I wanted to learn to use my sexual energy as a tool to live a better, more interesting and integrated life.  And I knew that I wanted to share what I discovered with others too.

It was then that I learned the art of sensual practice.

Waking up my body through my sensual practice, I truly began to access the energy that I had been searching for.  I was able to regularly tap into the free-flowing energy that lives inside everything and everyone and communicate with it!  And this incredible energy was my greatest teacher (by far).

I was guided by the voice of this energy, that was the sensation of orgasm inside my body.  I learned that the closer I listened the more of a relationship I created with sensation, and the more clear and helpful it was.

I realized that sensual practice was how I could access and cultivate my relationship with this power.

Almost every day that voice would show me a new and vibrant pathway of pleasure.  Some of the pathways in my body would sing with sensation, while others were shut down.  

Each discovery brought with it a nugget of wisdom about whichever part of my body I was playing with, and how open or closed it was, and what that meant about how opened or closed I was in an area of my life or in my relationships.

I’m super curious by nature, so I wanted to see if others could feel the connections too.  I began slowly trying the same techniques out on my students and friends, or I’d ask them to practice at home and report back.  

Over and over, the wisdom of sensation was truly a master when it came to healing the body and making it more available to the vibration of orgasm.   

More and more, people with major sexual dysfunctions would find me; and through this process, over and over, they were healing their bodies.

I started to record the pathways of pleasure in the body, and to deeply connect to those pathways, regularly.  Listening.  

The next thing I knew a process was born to keep track of how a body experienced sensation, was activated by sensation, and was re-balanced through sensation.

My sensual sessions became a playground for sensation and sexual healing.

This idea of experimentation and play seemed to intrigue people.  It also turned out to be an essential ingredient in the process of sensual awakening.  With curiosity, we experimented for the sake of healing, yes.  For fun…absolutely!

Over these past many years I’ve built a library of techniques–some superancient and some created by me.  ALL guided by the wisdom of sensation.

I believe that great sex makes life rich with flava’ and way more interesting!  I also believe that sensation is a vehicle for the evolution of our soul’s experience in this life.

The work that I’ll be sharing with you very soon is all about activating and establishing your connection to your own sexual power.  

We are creating a new culture of sex and sensuality…together.  

I’m super excited to share that with you!

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