Calling Your Future Self

Your future self is one of the most powerful allies that you have to create positive and lasting change. From revamping your work life to refining your sex life, discovering how to live an incredible life of purpose or simply navigating a rough spot, your future self can help.

First you will figure out what kind of experience you want to have in 2019 (and beyond).  Then you’re going to get to know your future self more intimately. After that you will do some future visioning, and learn how to turn what you discover about your future into powerful tools to shape your life experience, RIGHT NOW!

Personally, I find this process really fun because I get to engage my imagination!  Now, you’re going to use the power of your imagination to figure out what inspires you, what moves you, and what you really desire to experience.  

The simple process can take as little as a few minutes, or you can really dig into it (like I do) and spend an entire morning.  Either way, think of it as a refinement process—something that you’ll do more than once.  Over time, you will be able to see your future reality more and more clearly—like a far off structure coming into view as you move-on-down the dusty (but beautiful) road of your dreams.

Let’s get started!

So, get out a pen and paper; or if you prefer to use computer or phone, that’s cool too.  Whatever is most fun for you to write with.


  1. Where are you living?  
  2. Why do you LOVE where you live?
  3. How does your environment support your awesome life?
  4. What’s different about your life in 2-years?  
  5. What do you love about your life, and why?
  6. What improvements have you made personally (what strengths have you built)?
  7. What inspires you on a daily basis?
  8. Who are you with, and why?
  9. How do you feel about your body, your health and vitality?
  10. What does your future self do each day that you aren’t doing right now?
  11. What doesn’t your future self do each day that you are doing right now?
  12. What have you had to RE-learn or reexamine?


Looking through your future self’s eyes, create a scene that represents the above…

  1. What are you seeing in this scene that inspires you?  
  2. What’s the most important thing that you see in this scene?
  3. Is it day or night in this scene?  
  4. Are you inside or outside?
  5. Listening through his ears, what do you hear in this scene?  Maybe birds singing, or a soft breeze through the trees?  
  6. Feeling through her skin, what does your body feel in this scene?


Write this down and place it somewhere you can easily see it throughout the day.  You may need to put this in more than one place.

I am totally aligned with the future I have designed for myself, and every action that I take moves me one step closer to that future.  So it is.


To be able to use the power of your future self, you have to start living your future self.  You have to be able to see through her eyes, and listen through his ears. As you read back what you just wrote, imagine what that future looks like.  See, hear and feel it it as vividly as you can.  

And now, put a timer on your phone for 5-minutes.  Take just 5-minutes to understand the kind of person you are living that future. As vividly as you can, imagine the person that is having that experience in 2-years.  

With your eyes closed, imagine that you’re looking in a full length mirror at this person (you, in two-years).  Just observe for 5-minutes.  Maybe you wave to yourself in the mirror, or even make a few funny faces.  Look at yourself in whatever way is most comfortable (and maybe a little entertaining) for 5-minutes to get a sense of who this person is.

  1. Is there anything different about your body?
  2. Do you feel differently in your body?
  3. Is your personality more carefree, less carefree?  What aspect of your personality have you refined?  Maybe your demeanor is more confident?
  4. Do you feel more secure in life, and if so…how does that make your body feel?
  5. How does it feel to have accomplished what you set out to do (big or small)?  How does your future self feel about that achievement?


I don’t like seeing anything as good or bad (except sensation), BUT…I do love the word badass.  So although a habit isn’t good or bad, all habits either give you energy or suck your energy.  That’s what we’re focusing on.  The habits that take you off the path of your designed future, and suck energy away from you being able to reach your goals and create your vision.

So, let’s take a look at three little things you’re doing now that aren’t working for you.  Yep, just three little ones.  These are things that your future self ISN’T doing two-years from now.  You already wrote some out (above), so you can use those or come up with something different.  The key is to not overcomplicate the habit.  Veer away from abstract habits, like upsetting someone.  Because there are many many things you might do that upsets someone.  And someone else being upset isn’t something you can control.  But what you can control is putting the toilet seat down each time after you go to the bathroom.  Choose something simple.  You can control setting up a sensual date with your partner each week, and planning it out a little, instead of ignoring that another week has gone by and you two haven’t really connected.  Consider things that you can control.

Implementing good habits makes all the difference in empowering your energy, and moving you closer to your designed future.

3-bad habits you will stop doing in order to get to where you want to be in 2-years.

3-badass habits you will replace them with.

(x3) My future self doesn’t do this:

(x3) Instead, my future self does this:


Now that you’ve designed your future, met your future self who lives that future, and identified three little things that you need to stop doing/start doing in order to live that future…(phew)… it’s time to use her magic!

Most important is to meditate on your future self, or the scene that you pictured, each day (morning is best) for at least 5-minutes.  I suggest creating a timer for this and doing it for at least 5-days to get into the rhythm.

Each time you see your intention: Take one moment, say it to yourself, close your eyes, and see the scene. Or, you can simply thank your future self, or say Hello!

Playing with the future scene:  

  1. Imagine just one scene looking in only one direction, at first.  As you become more adept at future creation, you can look around in the scene.  
  2. It can help to look in a slight diagonal, downward in any scene you create, approximately 35 – 45 degrees.  This isn’t a must, but it will make your scene more powerful.  For instance, when I was focusing on purchasing my home, I was standing at the top of a driveway and looking diagonally down at the front door of my home.  Or if I imagine myself in awesome financial shape then I might be looking diagonally down at my computer and seeing all the big ass numbers in my accounts!
  3. You can incorporate your future self INTO the scene so you are at once feeling the sensations that he feels and looking through his eyes at the scene.

Using the strength of your future self

Each time you come up against one of those habits that you decided you shouldn’t be doing, slow your breathing down:  Inhale 7-10 counts (so, super slow), Exhale 7-10 counts.  You may need to take a few breaths like this. And then literally ask your future self for help.  Ask her what she would do in this situation.  Would she go ahead and do that thing that is draining your energy, or not?  Why? Ask her for the strength to find a way that works for you future.

Using your future self to make important decisions

If you are having a difficult time making a decision about something important, you can ask your future self for help.  He wants to help!  Simply close your eyes, look into that full length mirror (if you need to), or just feel the presence of your future self, and ask him to make the decision for you.  The first thing that comes to your mind after you’ve called on him and asked for help is the answer.

Have a great time playing with your future in this creative, engaging and fun way.  And let me know how it goes!



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