FEAR & Elevating Your Dreams!

Jul 26, 2018


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This Heartgasm event is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time…like 5-years!  So what held me back from sharing my vision with the world?  Well, I could give the excuse:  I wasn’t ready.  But I think it has more to do with fear.  The fear of putting myself out there to be judged.

Putting myself out there also brings up another fear: The fear of pushing limitations and elevating my dreams.

In a Tantra we see fear purely as a sensation, and something to embrace with open arms (Embrace translates to acknowledgement and awareness, and open arms translates to relaxation).  This is because Tantra knows open secret about all sensation:  one sensation is never just one thing. So, what hides beneath the surface of fear?  A gem of realization, and usually magnitude shift in reality–for better or worse.

The kind of fear that pushes us into fight, flight, freeze, fuck, feed or follow is rooted in your first chakra.  That’s why the roots of fear run deep, physically, inside of you.  This is also a deep fear of the past, what has been, what is familiar, what you were taught to believe is true.  Entering the unknown will activate/contract the base of your nervous system/first chakra, and push you into fight, flight, freeze, fuck, feed or follow.  So, how do we solve the problem?

PLEASURE.  And, moving pleasure through five stages:  Awareness >> Breath >> Relaxation >> Activation >> Integration

This process always works.  Your sensual practice activates your parasympathetic nervous system to respond instead, also called your rest and digest system.  When you switch reacting from those fight/flight responses to rest and digest system you can absorb information more easily, take on more challenging ideas and activities, you can increase your capacity for pleasure and fun.

I am in LOVE with my sensual practice because every morning I get to tap into my rest and digest system.  It sets up my day to allow me to take on more challenges, dream BIGGER, relax with my fear, AND not only love others more deeply but love myself more authentically as well.  And, guess what…if I don’t do my practice for a couple of days, I REALLY feel it.  I notice a huge difference.

Part of what I’ll be sharing at Heartgasm is the process of this invaluable practice and how you can love more deeply, live more happily, and thrive more completely by becoming more familiar with pleasure.  I hope you’ll be there!



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