Get Bliss’D: Blasting Stress & Anxiety with Pleasure

Sensual Tantra Q & A: How can I relieve stress and anxiety in my body?

What is the magic ingredient that allows some folks to let stress roll off their back—like water off a duck—and makes some people hold on to stress for a lifetime?  The answer is actually pleasure-based.  People that hold on to stress and experience ongoing anxiety, lack pleasure.

Stress in your body triggers the release of the “fear hormone,” cortisolAnd, cortisol acts as a kind of disconnector.  Everything in your body has a purpose, and cortisol’s purpose is to keep you alive in stressful conditions by slowing down or separating the functions of your body’s systems.  For example, if you’re in a stressful situation where you have no food cortisol slows your metabolism so your body stores fat longer.  This is great if you’re stranded on a snowy mountaintop with almost zero food sources, and not so hot in any other situation where you’re eating regularly.  Yikes…weight gain anyone?

A build up of cortisol is the main contributor to feeling anxious, nervous, reactive, and just plain shitty.  It’s also a huge contributor to clinical depression.  The first step to managing stress and anxiety is to combat the build up of cortisol in your body…with a little pleasure (and self love).

Literally.  The “love hormone,” oxytocin, is the key.  A build up of oxytocin in your body combats cortisol hikes and helps you feel connected, loving, cared for, appreciated, and increases your ability to participate in life with enthusiasm, energy and creativity!

Oxytocin is a connector, and is generally released through loving interactions.  When you are lovingly touched by someone, when a lover or a baby sucks on your nipples, when you are lovingly connected deeply and authentically in a relationship, when you’re experiencing orgasm through sex, are all oxytocin triggers.

So, if oxytocin is mainly triggered by loving interaction with others, how do we reap the benefits of this awesome hormone when we are on our own, if we don’t have a lover or a baby?

There are simple ways to take advantage of the amazing effects of this bliss hormone, for yourself and by yourselfIt just takes a little creativity, and focus on self-love

Self massage is a great way to boost your oxytocin levels, especially in those subtle erogenous zones.  I’m not talking about your genitals (yet), but places like your inner thighs, belly, chest, ears and neck.  Specifically rubbing your heart area will boost your oxytocin levels.  For women, our breasts are a powerful oxytocin inducing area.  You can even boost your oxytocin levels by taking a warm, yummy, sensual bath.  But the most effective way is through self-pleasure (of course).

So, get OrgasmicPleasure is by far the most POWERFUL way to boost your oxytocin. Feel your pleasure rise up in your body and enjoy each luscious moment of sensation play. Stay relaxed and breathe deep and full breaths in and out of your belly (try breathing in and out of your mouth for more passionate breaths).

Also, don’t focus on your climax.  Focus on the journey and experience of pleasure.  Feel how the sensation of pleasure lights up every nerve ending in your body.  The longer you can hold the experience of pleasure in your body, the more oxytocin you will have. It totally works!

But don’t self pleasure just once in this way.  Commit to your pleasure with a regular pleasure practice…and feel the effects of being oxytocin rich!

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