The Best V-Day Gift EVER

Love, and the significant power of the HEART CENTEare inspiring us all this February.  Check out this powerful information about the heart center, and how to access and utilize its dynamic balancing energy!

From a Sensual Wellness perspective, your heart is the most powerful of all the chakras, and one of its main functions is to keep the rest of your chakras balanced and protected.  It’s like a bright and powerful shield that protects and nurtures your entire body’s energetic system.  It does this by giving and receiving Love (in all forms) with the people and the world around you. There’s no MORE POWERFUL gift you can give your heart center than giving something authentic and nurturing to someone else.  

Discovering a Heart-Based Mantra is a powerful gift you can give your partner and/or yourself this Valentine’s Day.  If you do this for your parter, find creative ways to integrate the phrase into your daily exchanges; if you’re doing this for yourself then use this mantra during your meditation, first thing in the morning, or anytime you need a boost of heart-focused goodness.


There’s a set of statements, affirmations and expressions that each and everyone of us is hungry to hear.  This set of words soothes and empowers the heart center. A heart-based mantra satisfies an ancient emotional starvation, and learning what this custom-made soothing mantra is will soothe that parched part of our heart that’s yearning to feel affirmed.  It may be related to what we wished we had heard from our parents, or what we wish we could hear more regularly from our lovers, or it could be a powerful reminder of our truest selves linked to the beauty and clarity of our higher selves.  Whatever the words and phrases are, hearing them on a more regular basis gives us the inspiration to keep connecting, keep loving, and keep living our lives to the highest degree of empowerment.

Whether you’re doing this for yourself or for your lover,  consider your surroundings.  Make sure you’re in a comfortable quiet space.  Clear all the clutter out of the space, and place a few reminders of beauty around:  crystals, artwork in view, lighting, whatever feels good.  Have a pad and pen ready so you can take notes and dig deeply into the process.  Give this process a good 10 minutes or more.

Discovering The Heart-Based Mantra…

Ask your partner, or ask yourself:  What would you most like to hear from me, authentically expressed, but don’t hear enough? Perhaps it’s something that you wished you’d heard your whole life from your parents?  Perhaps it’s related to something you want to accomplish in the future?  What are the statements, affirmations, words, or expressions that help you feel full and capable, loved and adored?

Don’t be surprised if you had no idea what your partner would most like to hear, and if your partner’s response completely surprises you.  We generally tell our partners things that we would like to hear, not things that really satisfy them.  If asking yourself,  you may also be surprised by what comes up.

First, discover the words:  What are your lover’s key words and phrases? Surrender, success, awe, focus, admire, affectionate, sexy, safe, genius…?  

Next, create a statement out of the words:  “I love how sexy and affectionate you are.” Or, “I admire how much you love being successful in everything you do.”

Last, integrate the statement:  Write a letter, a card, sit down and create a toast that speaks to the subtle nuances of the ancient aches of your partner’s heart. Or, if you’re doing this for yourself, integrate your power phrase into your morning ritual, or meditation. 

With one couple that I worked with… for him, his ultimate feedback was, “When you did _________ it made me want to surrender and it turned me on.” If he could hear this phrase once a day from his wife, in one form or another, it would make him feel the most loved and satisfied. His keywords/phrases being “surrender,” “turn-on” and “I [the wife] feel the most safe with you.”

Her ultimate phrase was, “I noticed how you did __________ and that’s an amazing achievement, I’m [the husband] so proud of you.” And similarly, if she could hear him say that phrase once a day, somehow or some way, she would feel the most loved and the most satisfied. Her key phrases being, “achievement,” “proud of you” and “accomplish.”

I told them to be on the lookout daily to shop for evidence and examples that would fit into each of their phrases for one another.

Finding out those ideas that are ancient, deep and unquenchable insecurities that existed since childhood but are aching to be nourished, and being able to authentically say something that speaks to that yearning, is the ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day!


PHOTO CREDIT:  VivienneB ( Vivienne Bellini )


In addition to sensual Tantra, a great source of wisdom to investigate more deeply the intelligence of the heart is There they tell us the heart produces by far the body’s most powerful rhythmic electromagnetic field, which can be detected several feet away by sensitive instruments.

Research shows our heart’s field changes distinctly as we experience different emotions. It is registered in people’s brains around us and is capable of affecting cells, water and DNA studied in vitro. Growing evidence also suggests energetic interactions involving the heart may underlie intuition and important aspects of human consciousness.

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