My sexual-creative energy journey



In working and playing closely with individuals and couples over the course of my career I began to recognize something unfold inside each of them…something that I also witnessed unfold inside of me when I was 11-years old through a single event:  The awesome power of sexual-creative energy, or Kundalini.

The experience I had at 11-was called a Kundalini Awakening, and it was not a gentle unfolding like I’ve witnessed in my clients.  My experience was a lightening-bolt of sensation, and tapped me into a deep reservoir of sensitivity and information.

A vast well of kundalini energy lies eternally dormant in all of us…until it’s activated.  The activation process can happen slowly over a lifetime as we naturally evolve, or it can be quickened into a few days, hours, or even minutes through practice and discipline.  When the kundalini ‘awakens’ it uncoils and begins to move up the front side of the spine. As it does this our consciousness changes and we become much more aware, and our body and spirit become infinitely more sensitive

This sensitivity can manifest as a discomfort to people, artificial light, specific colors, drama and inauthenticity. The body is also then more sensitive to the the sensation of Orgasm—the driving force of sensation behind the Kundalini.  In my experience, over time this ‘sensitivity’ breeds a deep understanding of the world and everything in it.  And this well of energy inside of me is the *exact same* well of energy in you, everyone and everything else.

For many people a kundalini experience is jolting and can be frightening.  I’ve heard accounts of darkness—like semi-conscious blackouts, bodies convulsing, even vomiting.  But for me, this rising of energy felt like being struck by lightening in slow motion.  And because my body was so relaxed I was never actually shocked, just slowly filled up with warm light, vibration and awe.  My Kundalini awakening experience felt like the most natural thing in the world to me—being that filled with sensation and light felt like I was finally experiencing who who I really was after a lifetime of being forsaken.  This world pushes us to desensitize ourselves so we can function within its boundaries, yet our natural and truest state of being is one of incredible sensation and power!

My kundalini awakening was the most sacred and fitting blessing I could have received from the Universe in that moment, because the experience came to me at the end of a time of great sorrow in my life. Kundalini awakening is as much about cleansing as it is about consciousness, and during that 30-minutes I could literally feel my DNA being washed clean of years of negative experiences and negative information.

I was shown a glimpse of what every human body is capable of and what our sexual creative energy amounts to.  I understood that through sensation our bodies are like keys that tap into an incredible gift of power, and that power and pleasure is only enhanced by openness and curiosity.  And I understood that fulfillment, sensitivity and pleasure are my birthright.

Whether it’s about creating a more sexy sexual experience between you and your partner, helping you access the deep sensitivity and power of your orgasm, or healing some aspect of your body or life, your sexual-creative energy creates the infrastructure.

Sexual-creative energy is like the fertilizer in a healthy garden.  It isn’t the garden, but it is what makes the garden so vibrant, healthy, strong, and fruitful—it’s why the garden has a glow.  However, life without connection—call it love, emotion, feeling, sensation, whatever connection is deep and real—is like a garden devoid of nutrients.  Not only does life feel destitute, boring and bland, but a life without real connection to your blissful power also breeds dysfunction and unhappiness.  Learning to access your sexual-creative power creates super-nutrients that feed your garden and nourish every cell in your body, and every area of your life…

With great sexual energy, anything is possible! 

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