Intense pleasure in complete control.



“75% of men ejaculate within three minutes of having sex, and over half of all men over the age of 40 will develop erectile dysfunction.”  These staggering statistics reflect a man out of control and disconnected from his deep and authentic pleasure.

To master your male sexuality means to be intoxicated and overwhelmed by pleasure and sensation, and yet…be in complete control.  To penetrate your environment with your presence, your effectiveness and your light, and be the master of your sensual experience.  Sensual wellness techniques share a unique perspective about control, power and awareness that create the foundation for masterful masculine sexuality.

The male body is capable of such deep pleasure (just as much as a woman), but the fact is that most men don’t know what they are capable of.  You may not know the power that you hold…but I do!

Sensual wellness returns you home, into your body.  You build strength, you learn to hone your power, you experience pleasure beyond measure, and you begin to reconnect with your true masculine self.  You are now effective in bed, at work, in life, and unto yourself. 

Live Sensually!


+  Ejaculation Control: Learn powerful techniques to help you gain full control of your sexual responses, including your ejaculation.

+  How to clear Blockages:  Learn powerful sensual space clearing techniques to help you make room for more power, more love, and more joy!

+  Multiple Orgasm:  Learn the awesome secrets of being a multi-orgasmic man!  You’ll learn Tantric practices, and Taoist techniques to help you circulate, empower, and penetrate with your Orgasm…over and over.

+  Hormonal Balance:  At any age balancing your body’s hormones through sensual Tantra practice helps to balance emotions and deepen attraction and intimate relationships.

+  How to Build Sex Muscle Strength: Physical strength is a cornerstone of mastering your male sexuality.  Your sex muscles need play, practice and pleasure!

+  Sacred-Spot:  Learn the secrets, pleasure and power of this amazing area in your body.  Learn how to access it, how to use it, how to surrender to it, and how to master it.

+  Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Penetration:  learn intimacy skills and body mastery to deepen your connection to your lover’s mind, body and soul.

+  The Power of Pleasure: learn how to connect more deeply to your sexual powers to use your creative life force for more than sex—to accomplish your goals, direct your life, and deepen relationships.

And so much more!

Sessions are sensual and pleasure oriented with an emphasis on healing and rejuvenation–whatever form that takes.  Sessions may contain sensual contact.

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