The FEELING of Full Body Orgasm

If you ask any of my friends or lovers they’ll probably tell you that I have a tendency to be overly emotional.  I was raised to openly express emotions, opinions, and my silly side (for better or worse).  As I’ve matured through life and practiced honing the sensation of my orgasm, what I realize so clearly is that emotion is symbiotically connected to feeling, and feeling is symbiotically connected to the sensation of Orgasm.  As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say, your orgasm is powered by emotion.  Not your orgasm in the form of just any-old-climax, but your orgasm’s FULL BODY potential.  Being overly emotional is my gift, not my weakness.

No, you don’t need to be deeply connected to your emotions to have an orgasmic climax.  But you absolutely do to have a full body orgasm.  And, what I’ve seen over and over is that people who don’t easily express or connect to emotion tend to have a more difficult time feeling the sensation of orgasm at all.

So, what’s the difference between an orgasmic climax and a full body orgasm?  The sensations of a full body orgasm are not limited to your genitals.  You feel the sensation, the vibration, the tingling sensation of orgasm at the top of your head, the tip of your nose, the palms of your hands, and the tips of your toes.  This kind of orgasm is all encompassing—like an ocean wave that washes over your entire body…slowly…then quick, like lightening!  The sensation of full body orgasm also usually creates emotional release in your body:  your emotions become intrinsically connected to sensation, and so overwhelming and so present that to ignore them would be to say NO to this incredible sensation your experiencing.  So the only answer to feeling emotion when you’re experiencing your full body orgasm, is YES!  Emotions may come in the form of crying, or laughing…or just a sense of awe and wonderment.

Sensual Tantra helps us feel more fully the sensation of our orgasm.  In a sensual Tantra session, or practice, we cultivate sensation (like sensation collectors), and we use the sensation to power a connection so deep, so meaningful, and so awake that another world of sensation opens up for us…and then another.  This process of fully embodying sensation and opening up one level of pleasure, then another, leads us to a place in which our entire body is overcome with sensation, and we are melting into a space of…everything…and nothing.  Full Body Orgasm.




Why does screaming the word YES feel so empowering when having sex?  Your literal voice is connected to your throat chakra, and the back of your throat is connected to your genitals.  Your voice acts like an amplifier for pleasure sensation!  Using your voice during sex can help create the sensation of full body orgasm by bringing that orgasmic, pleasure sensation that you’re experiencing in the lower part of your body (your genitals), UP toward the top of your body (your throat, head, etc.).


Many people make the mistake of over-focusing on their partner during sex.  What they (and most people) don’t realize is that sex taps you in to your sixth sense.  Like the tentacles on a jellyfish, the nerve endings in your body start to invisibly extend outward, reaching for your lover and interacting on their own.  This kind of nerve ending extending happens ONLY when you are able to be fully present in the feeling of pleasure, pain, emotion, and joy in your own body during sex.  If you start to wonder, “What is she feeling?” Or, “What is that look he’s giving me?”  Or maybe something more like, “Should I touch her here, or here…or…?”  Any thought that takes you out of feeling connected to your own pleasure, takes away from the depth of your experience.  When you are intrinsically connected to your lover during sex, you know what feels good to her or him, based on what feels good to you.  If you do something that doesn’t feel good to them, it won’t feel good to you either.


Last but definitely not least (and probably first)…breathe!  Your breath is the most powerful tool you have for making space for full body orgasm in your body.  Imagine that your body is energetically blocked up with a bunch of dust and cobwebs.  Your breath is like the Vacuum that sucks up all the cobwebs and the micro-dust that blocks sensation.  The sensation in your body cannot move through a bunch of stuff…it needs a clear path, and an open column.  In sensual Tantra we call this “column” our inner flute.  But, what it’s really about is space.  Your breath creates space for your orgasm to move more freely inside of your body.  During sex, you are either moving toward bigger sensation, or away from sensation.  Those are your choices.  Your breath is a tool that will make sure you are constantly moving toward sensation, if you use it.

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